Who We Are

We Are Mikkelsen Electronics

In the categories of design, manufacturing, distribution, and aftermarket services, Mikkelsen Electronics has established itself as a global leader without equal. With over 100 sites in 30 countries, and 200,000 highly skilled innovators at the ready, we’re helping customers big and small solve the challenges of the connected age.

A Global Partner with Scale and Vision

In today’s marketplace, demand for smarter, more advanced solutions is growing exponentially. To meet the complex technological and logistical challenges of this new age requires the right partner at every step. With extensive experience across virtually all industries, Flex has the unique vision and capabilities to improve speed, efficiency, and cost effectiveness throughout the entire life cycle of a product. With access to a vast global footprint, Flex brings our customers closer to the markets they serve, creating a supply advantage almost anywhere. Add in our Sketch to Scale platform and our market-leading, SaaS-based global supply chain, and the merits of Flex become undeniable.

Innovating Every Day

Along with experience and vision, innovation is an essential part of our operational strategy. By fostering collective innovation among our Centers of Excellence, and by partnering with research institutions, universities, our own Flex Lab IX® technology accelerator, and suppliers, Flex is able to develop innovative advancements in our core technologies. These technology building blocks are then applied across industries, creating unique solutions that could not be achieved with siloed innovation.

A Leader in Quality and Reliability

Global reach and innovation help us stay competitive, but it’s our quality and reliability standards that cement our reputation. Flex rigorously tests for reliability and quality in all of our products to ensure they will respond as designed, every time. This is particularly important in highly regulated, safety-oriented sectors like medical and automotive, where failure is simply not an option. We take great pride in knowing that Flex is constantly recognized by our customers for quality that’s better than leading edge. With significant investments in lean manufacturing, Six Sigma processes, and our proprietary FlexQ system, Flex has consistently proven our unwavering commitment to quality.

Live Smarter

We want to help the world live smarter—not just through what we make but through how we make it. We are technological and social innovators. In all the communities where Flex operates, we’re building practices and standards that focus on actively doing more good.